Where we are

Where we are

Where are we? The apartments overlook the promenade that, along the old Tramontana Walls (Mura di Tramontana) that once enclosed the old part of the city to protect it, leads to a surprisingly interesting historic center.

The city, in all its beauty, still retains memories of the cultures that have followed one another over the centuries, due to the strategic location and from the splendor of this land.

From the Elymians to the Phoenicians, from the Romans to the Normans, from the Aragonese to the Bourbons, in every corner of the city, you can always discover memories left behind by each of these populations.

Rich in churches, buildings and monuments to discover, walking through the streets of the center a few steps from the apartments, you will have many stories and emotions to experience and discover.

Thanks to our position, you will be able to observe the sea as soon as you wake up in the morning, perhaps preparing a breakfast with Mediterranean flavors with a splendid view that fades to the horizon, where the sea and the sky come together.

A few steps from your accommodation you will find everything you need: the best restaurants, the most famous bars where you can enjoy a cannolo or a granita, the most beautiful beaches and the clubs that come alive to party at nightfall.

Gaura Apartments is waiting for you for a sunny and relaxing vacation.

How to get to Trapani?

Getting to Trapani is very easy. You can reach us by plane, ship or car, arriving at the most extreme tip of Italy.

Palermo's "Falcone e Borsellino" airport is about 90 km away. You can choose to take a cab, bus, transfer or rent a comfortable car to experience your trip in total freedom.

If you choose to travel by car, it will take just over an hour to reach Trapani. We recommend that you take the A29 freeway junction and after about 70km take the exit for Trapani from the Alcamo-Trapani branch. In 15/20 minutes you will have arrived at the city center!

Trapani-Birgi "Vincenzo Florio" airport is about 20 km away. You can book your seat in a transfer or cab, take the bus or rent a car.

If you choose to reach the city by car, you will reach Gaura Apartments in about 30 minutes. We advise you to continue on Provincial Road 21 turning shortly after for the Alcamo-Trapani Branch and after about 6km take the exit towards Marsala and turn onto Via marsala. Pass the town of Paceco and continue for another 6km or so until you reach the port of Trapani.