Gaura: the apartments

The apartments are located in Trapani, that is an art heritage city, with a culture thausands of year old and an untouchd sea,the perfect holiday destination.
All apartmets ore brand new, enriched with precius details that make them unique.
The rooms are large, sunny and airy with all necessary comforts for a relaxing holiday.
Our guests can have an amazing sea view from the balconies,where they can relax after the beach or an excursion.
Also from the balconies they can have a look at the evocative side of the town and watch the romantic sunset.
Since the apartments are next to the see guest can feel like they are in a cruiship and enjoy the pleasant breeze and the relaxing natulral view.
Gaura apartments are in the oldtown, the centre, very near the port.

Gaura only gives the apartments by rent. Any other services, if required, will be provided by different company.


Via Mura di tramontana
91100 Trapani
Partita IVA 02581810815